The Computer Education Society Of Philadelphia
We would like to welcome everyone to join in the experience of a true members helping members group with some members having more then 40 years of experience with computers,
Others that never had a computer befor or that are trying to make a dission what to buy for the first time.
Everyone and every question is treated with respect. 

The purpose of our Club is to promote the general pursuit of knowledge and education by way of engaging in the exchange of ideas, techniques and information for the broader and more effective use of computer hardware and software.

This is accomplished by sponsoring meetings, seminars, lectures and workshops to share knowledge, and experiences. Discussions of the latest software and hardware, along with computer topics of interest to members and the general public everyone is invited to attend our meetings.
Click on our calendar for times, dates and locations.
Hi my name is Gail we would like to welcome you to the C.E.S.O.P. web site. We hope you enjoy your time here
and come back often
The Computer Education Society of Philadelphia began in 1976 as a club called the Philadelphia Heath Users Group. Personal computer use was in its incipient stages at this time, and building a Heath Kit computer (see photo to left) was about the only option a computer enthusiast had.

Club interests changed as technological advanced. Commodore 64, TI 99 and then Atari Systems were followed by IBM and many others. Ultimately, the PC became the prime focus.

Computer Education Society of Philadelphia In 1996, the club was incorporated as a 501 ( c ) (3) corporation. Its goals are to promote the general pursuit of knowledge and education
in computer hardware and software, to share knowledge and experiences and to discuss computer topics of interest with the general public.
We donate used computers to schools, needy children and senior citizens.

These computers are given to us by members,  business community and people like you.
Anyone wishing to help us by donating a gently used Computers when they are upgrading can contact Us.
Don't throw it away in some landfill your donation is a tax deduction.
We are a 501 (c 3 ) nonprofit give us a call.

Our members help us wipe out all previous data re-format the drives and install new operating systems and make any repair needed for the computers befor giving them out to the needy.
A “beginners” workshop covering general computer and internet questions is held monthly.
These sessions are open to the public but only by appointment because seating is limited.
Prizes are awarded, and light refreshments are provided. Other workshops have addressed various interests: understanding PC security, buying a desktop or laptop PC and using software: Photoshop, Memories on TV, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems ( XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and now 10 )
Office Suites and games like Flight Simulator.
Special Interest Groups SIGs
SIG group members meet to demonstrate the use of new software programs and the use of new hardware. Photography has become a popular SIG. At Photo SIG meetings, members have discussed camera reviews and user technical evaluations. Members critique photographs and learn the art of photography and the use of ever-evolving software.
Other SIGs, such as Genealogy and Microsoft Office are forming.
Any member wishing to initiate or manage a SIG may propose his or her idea at a board meeting.
Other Activities
Meetings with special guests and suppliers, computer fair participation, new product demonstration and evaluations, public service presentations and field trips are typical activities.
Fundraising events, computer shows and grants make it possible to have nominal membership dues.
Membership is currently available for a limited number of interested persons 14 years of age or older. Parental consent is required for those younger than 18 years of age. Student Membership is $10.00 and Adult Membership is $15.00 per calendar year, and includes access to all club functions and all meetings.
(This fee will be prorated for those joining midyear see membership form.)
News & Information
Past newsletters are available to reprint here at WWW.CESOP.Org The society maintains a website from which additional information, event schedules, product evaluations, newsletter archives and more can be obtained.
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